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March 18, 2011


Hello Louise, AFTER my visit to A Good Look at Mastiffs, and sending my thoughts to you, I went and caught up on your Sneakpeeks blogs. And if I had the sense to go there first before indulging myself in your beautiful Mastiff site, I would have been brought up to date on your life and loves? ... Well,congratulations on your recent marriage. You bring such joy to so many others (people and Mastiffs), that you more than deserve a big helping of that joy for you and yours. I didn't expect to see my note in your comments space, but it was kind of you to include it. Again, Be Happy, Be Well, and please, always Be Louise; you are uniqueness personified! Joan.

Dear, dear Louise, Recently I've come back on line. After a two-year absence from Mastiff stories and news, I went to your site today. How beautiful it is,-- elegant and truthful and so grand a representation of the great breed it portrays. Thank you for continuing to bring it to the Mastiff lovers of this world. I was touched that you still introduced the site with those comments of mine of a few years back ... They are today just as sincere as then. I hope you are well. If you get a few minutes, please bring me up to date on your busy life! I sign off, with appreciation for your continuing devotion to the "Lions of Dogdom." Joan.

Aaron Michael Crampton Birth date : 5)1)o3

Born with erbs palsy diagnosed with autism age 2 the list just keeps going. I graduated from Animal Behavioral College April 2009. I have a great desire go get my son his own service dog, then train service dogs for other austic children. We were recently blessed to have Bruno (an English Mastiff) as a house guest. He was perfect, I saw much potential. I looked at my husband and said that’s it that’s the dog. When I found your web site my heart leaped for joy.


From Amy

If you want to do therapy work with your mastiff, check with your local Humane Society. If they don't offer animal therapy, they can steer you in the right direction. Also, many schools have programs where children with reading difficulties read aloud to a therapy pet. Mastiffs are especially good at this activity!

Sheena, these stories are about Mastiffs, but a Bullmastiff is similar and would indeed make a terrific companion. Good luck!

Mancha is our 4-month-old English Mastiff.
He has been such a joy!

Thank you for such a nice blog. I am planning to get an English bullmastiff dog as a companion. I am in my 50s and living alone. A great breed like a bullmastiff will be a joy and security.

Thank you for posting these stories. As a mastiff owner myself, it's great to read about the wonderful things this breed has to offer. My mastiff has changed my life significantly and your blog has inspired me to enroll him in training classes to become a therapy dog. Thank you.


I have two english mastiff's Gabe is 7yrs old and Dozer is 2. Where would I look to start taking them to visit ppl like the ones in your stories? I live in west plains missouri. They love ppl and riding, and I love showing them off. Thanks

This site is great and amazing! Mastiffs are the best dog breed. Though they look big and fierce they are one of bunch lovable creature.

This site is very beautiful and amazing.
I have owned an english mastiff and I should say they are amazing.
Thank you for the wonderful stories.
It made me love my dog more.

Thank you Louise for all these wonderful, amazing dog stories. I have a local dog at home, he is not a therapy dog but he kinda help me feel better when I'm streesed out. I love dogs. I wish I could have one therapy dog like those in your stories.

I just saw this site while surfing. I was inspired by all the stories. I love dogs and love them all the more after I saw your site. Thanks Louise!

I just stubled upon your site and it's a great concept.

The mastiff as a companion is choice that has a wealth of good memories.

I wish you the best with your mastiff and with your site..

I welcome you to take a look at my mastiff mini course. found here:

I developed it so new and experienced mastiff owners are better informed about their best friend

I think your pictures of mastiffs are very beautiful. I have owned 4 mastiffs so far, and have written a book called "Sammy the runaway mastiff" you might enjoy reading it to your children, or let them read it themselfs. You can find it on If you love mastiffs, please take a look and the adventure.

Louise, have read every single story here! Cried at most of them. Can't wait to adopt our own very special English mastiff. We believe in second chances, and I'm sure glad to have found your site! I love all the 'therapy' dog stories! Want to do that! Keep them coming...every story I read makes me want a mastiff MORE. Thanks. Lana in MI

Richard, the thank-you's go both ways. Good to hear from you, my friend.

Thank you Louise for being in my life . Also thank-you for introducing me to Winston. Both of you are very special...

Jenny, I am delighted and honored.

Fabulous site! I hope you don't mind that I linked to it in my latest post -

Wow, Toni. For once, I am speechless. But not so that I can't say thank you, which I do. Thank you.

For those who are fortunate enough to have found this site and for those who were directed here, I want to tell you about my friend Louise. Louise and I were brought together by a wonderful mastiff chat run by DeeDee Anderson (who is also a special lady) and the extraordinary Mastiff Breed. Louise is one of those people who can make you feel better with just an email. She is a gentle soul that reaches out to anyone in need. To be able to call her my friend is a gift I thank G-d for. So for those of you who have not had the pleasure of dearest Louise before, be prepared for a great gift. She will touch your heart and be a blessing to your life. Thank you Louise for being who you are and for the blessing you have given me.

Love and deep respect,
Toni Leah Bush
Shalom Sakel Mastiffs

Laura, thank you for your kind, kind words.

Dear Louise,
I could not think of anyone better then you to be the representative for the mastiff breed. You are as kind and gentle as they, and so full of hope and optimism. I wish you the very best with your cause and I love the site. I will be following it as it progresses.
Laura Scheetz

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