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September 30, 2010


What a lovely dog you had. Abby is a great dog!I I wish I could have a dog just like her. This post is inspiring, especially to pet lovers. Nice post!

Abby looks so huggable in the photo. Her story is an amazing one. I bet she has a reward in heaven, lol! Kidding aside, I wish I could have an 'Abby' puppy. She can also be an awesome therapy dog for my old Dad. He would loved her. Oh by the way, where is Abby now?

Youre a great dog Abby! Its nice to know that dogs like you can help heal hurting people. I hope there'll be more dogs like you.

Thank you for your gift to mankind, Abby! May you live long and create more smiles from around the world. We love you AbbY!

Congratulations Abby:)

That's quite a feat - not just in the number of visits, but more in the number of smiles your visits achieved.

Licks n wags,

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