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December 04, 2007

NEW STORY!! -- Karma



Omega’s Impressive Touch of India, SD

(Ch Omega's The Big She Bang x Ch Impressive Starry Night on the Nyal)

DOB:March 23, 2005

Breeders:  Melissa Prete of Omega Mastiffs and Renee Worsell of Dymac Mastiffs

From Owner, Dana Montero, RVT, CCN    

Some time ago, I was standing in the kitchen, washing the dishes, a bundle of nerves, worried and anxious about an upcoming hospital stay, when all of a sudden Karma came in, and barked at me, really loudly, in her very best big girl bark.  Before then, she had never, ever barked in the house, and never at me.  I told her to hush, and she barked again, but bigger and louder than the first time.  I got a little aggravated with her and told her to quit it right now.  She walked over, nudged me with her nose and barked again.  I got mad and told her, "Go to bed, now!"  (This meant: Get your butt in that crate right this minute!)  She nudged me harder until I plopped down in the chair beside the sink....and that's the last thing I remember.

My husband told me later I had a fainting spell, brought on by severe anemia (I usually only get really dizzy and lie down to rest, but it happens only during the first 2-3 days of my cycle, which had been 13 days prior to this incident, so we never figured out why I was anemic at that time).  As it turned out, if I had fainted while washing the dishes, I probably would have hit my head on the granite counter, which could have pushed me into a seizure.  Irregardless, Karma somehow knew I needed to sit and made me sit, and after I passed out she kept barking until my neighbor called my husband and told him that something must be wrong because the dog was barking and wouldn't stop.  So he came rushing home, thinking someone had broken in, and found me on the floor and got me to the doc (thank goodness the doctor is next door!).

The next day I called the service dog training agency in our province and tomorrow we have an appointment with them to have Karma temperament tested (no problems there I think, she's sweet as sugar and stable as a rock) and if she passes, we are going into training to have Karma be my own personal service dog, to keep an eye on me, bring me my med kit when I need it, and call my husband by barking if I need help.

Afternote from Owner

Karma is now 4 months into her Service Dog training and is an excellent student.  Her timing is always dead on with her seizure alerts, and 98% on with her asthma attack alerts.


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That is one fabulous girl you have. The best of luck to both of you.

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