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May 21, 2006


Me and the family are wanting another Mastiff

Kodi is now out on the road campaigning, but has already been requested to begin working in our local neurologist office with children with neurological issues. I can hardly wait to start taking him into the office to work with neurologically challenged children and adults. I'm so very proud of my big boy.

Brenda, your local animal rescue services may have CGC and TDI classes. That's a place to start, or you could hit the yellow pages under dog training and just call and ask around. Good luck with your wonderful mastiff!

Hi Louise!
I belong to the mastiff group on yahoo, and i thought I would check out your website! I am crying! I would really like some info on how to get a mastiff into therapy training. I have one rescued mastiff, and I am hopefully purchasing a female puppy, whom my breeder says is a solid beta. Any info you could get me would be great!
Thank you,

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