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May 23, 2006


Anitria, if you will email me privately to let me know where I can reach you, I know many mastiff behavior experts who can help you.

I recent found a mastiff about a year old he comes to me but knocks me down with affection I want he to stop knocking me down but give me love without harming me. he is very lovably when I found him he was walking the streets and he came to me right off the back and I love him. He's to forceful with me and he also don't want me to touch his food after I feed him can some please help

would research show that Ginger was originally the pup they had picked for their son?
would be curious to know.......
and if it's so, is it any doubt that this beautiful girl KNEW without a doubt that those were her people!!!!!
blessings to all for a wonderful and happy life together.....
fran in TN - with 3 saints and a boxer

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