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May 28, 2006


Sophie_bday_005a_1We are constantly adding stories and photos, so please make yourself at home with what we've collected so far.  The Table of Contents with links to each mastiff story is on the left, in the side bar.



Wow, Toni. For once, I am speechless. But not so that I can't say thank you, which I do. Thank you.

For those who are fortunate enough to have found this site and for those who were directed here, I want to tell you about my friend Louise. Louise and I were brought together by a wonderful mastiff chat run by DeeDee Anderson (who is also a special lady) and the extraordinary Mastiff Breed. Louise is one of those people who can make you feel better with just an email. She is a gentle soul that reaches out to anyone in need. To be able to call her my friend is a gift I thank G-d for. So for those of you who have not had the pleasure of dearest Louise before, be prepared for a great gift. She will touch your heart and be a blessing to your life. Thank you Louise for being who you are and for the blessing you have given me.

Love and deep respect,
Toni Leah Bush
Shalom Sakel Mastiffs

Laura, thank you for your kind, kind words.

Dear Louise,
I could not think of anyone better then you to be the representative for the mastiff breed. You are as kind and gentle as they, and so full of hope and optimism. I wish you the very best with your cause and I love the site. I will be following it as it progresses.
Laura Scheetz

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