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March 23, 2006

Nigel and Ginel


Nigel - Beowulfs Absolutely Fabulous

(Ch. Beowulfs Bear Necessity x Beowulfs Inkomazie)

Ginel - Calebs Special Girl of Rydalmount

(Ch. Valley Views Caleb of Rydalmount x Ch Rydalmounts Divine Miss Em)

Both Nigel and Ginel are owned and loved by Sandra Prokes and Holly Banig-Gardner.

From Gloria Cuthbert

I thought I would tell you a true story that happened to one of my dear friends one day in February, 2006. 

Sandy is owned by two mastiffs, Nigel and Ginel, whom she walks every morning separately.  Nigel is a male over 2 years old, and Ginel is a female around 14 months.  They live together in Cleveland, Ohio.

GinelThat particular morning, Sandy walked Nigel, put him back in the house, and then took Ginel for her walk.  In front of her home, a young man stopped her to ask questions about Ginel.  You know how that goes.  They were the typical questions, like how much does she weigh, how much does she eat....  Well, Sandy didn't think much about it, and was answering his questions.

Suddenly, the man jumped out of his car, tried to grab Ginel, and when Sandy wouldn't let go of the leash, he began beating her in the face.  From the house, Nigel saw what was happening from the storm door, broke the door to get out, jumped on the man, and pushed him to the ground.  He laid on the ground, while the man started beating him.  Sandy threw herself over the man's arms so he couldn't beat Nigel anymore, somehow held onto Ginel, and called 911.  The police were there in seconds, the man arrested, and Nigel a hero.

We all need to be aware of these corrupt people that are out there, and we also need to hear good stories of mastiffs.  Nigel growled at the man, but never attempted to bite him.

I think this is both a warning to beware, and a wonderful story of a mastiff doing his job.

God Bless,



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