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March 23, 2006



Willowledge Meredith

(Ch. Griffith's T. Geronimo x Ch. Willowledge Katrina)

owned and loved by dee dee Andersson and

the late Bjorn Andersson of Storm Mastiffs

May 6, 1980 – April 28, 1992

From Louise

Maggie has awards and accomplishments too numerous to mention individually, so I’ll do a recap.  She has made an emormous contribution to the mastiff breed, by being the only bitch to receive the Top Brood Bitch Award at two Mastiff Club of America specialty shows in 1985 and 1986.  With nine of her 17 puppies becoming champions of record, and some receiving obedience championships as well, she earned a well-deserved place in the MCOA Mastiff Hall of Fame Top Producers.  Her descendants continue to grace the mastiff breed today.

From dee dee Andersson

With a single look from her, 3 males, Bully, Sherman and Trooper, would hit the floor, prone and reverent.  With a sneer, they back-pedaled out of her space.  And yet, even at almost 12 years when a strong wind would have blown her over, wild and playful puppies could come tearing around the corner of the house, spot her, and belly up to her with wild kissies and licks, even when a bump from them would have tilted her.   Maggie never had to say much, or do much, although she was quite capable of sounding like a freight train roaring through the house.  I have said for years that she still dominated my dogs a good 6 months after she died.  Maggie never left a mark on a human, puppy or dog.  Once when an infant, visiting my house, crawled over to her and twisted her nipple, before we could get there to stop, Maggie rolled her eyes, turned away and flopped her head back down to let the baby do what it wanted.  No protest whatsoever.  Bjorn used to say that she read Marie Moore's book and then set about becoming a Mastiff.  Maggie would throw her food up for a puppy up to 9 weeks old, notwithstanding that the puppy was not hers.  She was generous with her love, compassion, and her demand that all creatures respect her.


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