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March 28, 2006



Int'l/am CH Kinsmen Dragon of the Knight CD, CGC, TDT, TT, WD

(Ch. Macwoo's Knight in Shining Armour CD, CGC, TDI x Ch. Iron Hills Gwen at Kinsmen CD, CGC, TDI)

DOB:  04.12.99

Breeder: Mary Lynn Speer

From Louise

Draco has awards and accomplishments too numerous to mention here , so I’ll do a small recap.  He has been a therapy dog with head injury and paralysis patients, a demo dog for a variety of canine education programs, a meet-and-great dog, a reading partner program dog, and a general all-around canine good citizen.  He has been honored by the Mastiff Club of America, as well as the American Kennel Club, and has done an incredible job in bridging the gap between dogs and people in terms of education and service. 

Submitted by Linda Hayes, Draco’s owner

Even with all Draco’s accomplishments and years of service, the most important thing to me is that he is my friend and is always there for me.  Epecially in one very critical moment.

I was working nights as an RN at VA Medical Center in St. Louis.  It was around 6pm and I was in bed trying to sleep before my shift.  All of a sudden, I had the sensation of vertigo―but I was the one spinning, not the room!  It just came upon me.  I found that I could not get out of bed and had no control over my movement. 

Draco was right there at my bedside, waiting for me to grab his collar.  At the time, I did not have a phone in my room, so he pulled me by dragging me across the floor to the living room where the phone was.  He even got the phone for me!  I was able to call 911 to get an ambulance to my house. 

He then pulled me to the door, so that I could open it for the EMT’s when they arrived.  He never barked or even challenged the paramedics/police officers when they came into my house with all their equipment, and any mastiff owner knows how protective they can be of their house and owner.  I was diagnosed with a rare inner ear infection that comes on fast and hard.

The police officers and paramedics were so impressed with him that they came by my house after my discharge from the hospital, to give him treats and to see how I was doing.

Another time, he did a wonderful down/stay for me when my mother passed out from loss of blood from a nose-bleed (she is on a blood thinner), which gave me time to elevate her legs until the paramedics arrived to take her to the hospital!

I am very blessed to be owned and loved by him.


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