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February 04, 2006



St. Patrick’s Perfect Storm CGC

(Kumormai Samurai x St. Patrick's Ultimate Desire)

DOB  October 4, 2004

From Fran Boppe, owner

Stryker has been such a wonderful puppy to raise.  He earned his CGC title at 11 months old.  He's now 17 mos. old and has had the run of the house since the tender age of 4 months!  Since then I have called him my guardian at night even though I always thought if anyone tried getting in the house Stryker would lick them to pieces.

Every night he gets a snack, a kiss good night and I tell him, "Okay, Stryker, take care of the house," and then he curls up on his bed.  One night was a little different.  My daughter had taken a job where she wouldn't get home until 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning, and of course Stryker wasn't used to this, but none of us gave it a second thought.  The next morning when my daughter got up, the first thing she said to me was, "You won't believe what Stryker did last night," and proceeded to tell me the story.  Stryker had heard someone in the garage, and by the time my daughter got the door open and was walking in, she looked up to see Stryker bolting across the room with a very low growl, and heading straight for her!  The instant she said his name, his tail started wagging.  Since then, he has gotten used to her routine, and now just lifts his head to double check, then goes back to sleep.

I think sometimes we all wonder what our Mastiff guardians would do in a given situation, but in this case I found out.  He is such a comfort to me because my husband travels a lot and I am here by myself.  I totally trust this wonderful partner of mine!


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