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February 12, 2006



Macy, DOB Unknown

Placed through Mastiff Club of PA Rescue

Agent, Steve Schramm

Story submitted by Pat McWilliams, owner

My name is Patty McWilliams.  This story is about my Macy.  She came to me when she was five.  That was almost two years ago.  I saw her on the English Mastiff rescue website.  Steve drove her in to me after Louise came and checked out my house.  It was love at first sight!

I had heard that her first home was a barn where she was bred for her puppies.  My vet said she was overbred because she had such a big stomach and now has to take estrogen.  Her second home was a garage where she might have lapped up some antifreeze.  She is now on special dogfood because she has a bad kidney.  Steve thought she just had a bladder infection when he brought her.  He said I could give her back for another healthier dog but I said I was keeping her.  Through Louise and Linda I am able to keep stylish diapers on her in the house.  Her leaking has greatly improved with the medication and food.

Macy_05aLouise had said she would make a great therapy dog.  We started her on that with a group and Macy did very well.  Her gentleness and affection showed through because she never leaves my side, and everyone asked if she was professionally trained.  But that is just the way she is.  It seems Macy appreciates being with me.

I got a rare disease and had to quit the therapy group because I'm on chemo and heavy duty steroids which lower my immune system.  It causes nerve and organ damage.  I lost the hearing in one ear and have nerve damage in my feet now.  I can walk about ten minutes, then my feet don't work right.  I then have to find a place to sit for awhile.  Since Macy never leaves my side; I made her my service dog.  She keeps me steady till I can sit down.  Macy loves this job because she can go everywhere with me!  It seems like fate.  I helped her now she helps me.  She is always well behaved when we go in the stores.  I am so proud of her.

Note from Louise

Click here and here to see Macy in action.


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